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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes - The Perfect Option for First Time Users

4 Disposable E Cigarettes

E Cig Flavors

10 Disposable E Cigarettes

E Cig Flavors

20 Disposable E Cigarettes

E Cig Flavos

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Before choosing to buy a kit if you are going to be a first time buyer, the disposable cigarettes are an excellent solution.
Disposable e cigarettes are smoking devices designed to give users the same sensation that a traditional cigarette does. The e cigs are disposable, require no charging. Disposable electronic cigarettes are cost efficient ways to test before selecting a kit that is right for the customer. One disposable cigarette is equivalent to approximately 1 and a half-two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. No recharging is required, just enjoy and throw the e cig away once the battery is dead.

disposable e cigarette

Disposable E Cigarette


Soft tip e cig for a realistic smoking experience

Great for travel, simply slip them into your packet!

Each disposable e cigarette is equal to approximately

 1 and a half- two packs of real cigarette

LED lights up with each puff

How Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Work?


These disposable e cigarettes come fully charged and ready to use

No assembly required, use straight out of the box.

Enjoy and throw the e cig away once the battery is dead.

Disposable E Cigarette Flavors


Classic Tobacco

 Nicotine Strength : High 18mg
Classic Tobacco for those who enjoy the taste and feel of rich, full-flavored tobacco cigarette.
This flavor is similar to a traditional cigarette tobacco, but has a smoother, sweeter feel.

Cool Menthol

Nicotine Strength : High 18mg
Cool, pleasant flavor every time you puff! Great refreshing taste with a unique invigorating 'kick'.


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